Minimizing the Risk of Fire During Land Clearing Activities

When it comes to land clearing activities, it is important to take the necessary precautions to minimize the risk of fire. Residents should consider using non-flammable options if the conditions are not suitable. For instance, if the grass is green and has been watered, it is fire resistant and can be mowed with a lawnmower. However, if the grass is dry and dead, it is recommended to delay mowing or use preventive measures such as pre-wetting and then wetting the grass.

It is also important to stay in place after mowing to keep an eye out for smoldering fires. Having a fire extinguishing system (e.g. garden hose) available and a way to contact 9-1-1 in case of emergency is essential. Additionally, burning restrictions may be published along with the local fire hazard in relation to land clearing activities, burning patios and campfires.

To further reduce the risk of fire, it is important to have adequate space for plants, shrubs and trees around structures; limit the number and types of gardens; and keep plants and grass well maintained. The space needed depends on the type and size of weeds and trees, as well as on the slope of the terrain.

Léo Brotman
Léo Brotman

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