What Size Tractor Do I Need to Clear Land?

When it comes to clearing land, the size of the tractor you need depends on the size of the job. For small tasks such as felling small trees and weeds, a 25 to 35 hp tractor is sufficient. However, for larger jobs with medium to large diameter trees, you may need to hire professionals or rent an excavator. A backhoe is also a useful piece of equipment for clearing land, as it has a bucket in the front that can dig, pick up and level materials.

For most people, removable implements such as a small bucket and shovel are all that is needed for their projects. If you have a small or medium job that involves clearing land, the Kubota L3901 is an excellent choice. This tractor has a large fuel tank and is reliable and durable. The John Deere 3033R is another great option for both commercial and residential use.

It has 33 horsepower, a two-range hydrostatic transmission and an impressive 1,100 pound load capacity. It is also compact and convenient for all operators. The Mahindra eMax 20S HST is another great choice for smaller areas such as fields or hobby farms. It has 20 HP engine and 4 cylinders, giving it enough power to get the job done without going overboard.

For larger jobs, the LS XG3135 is an excellent choice. This large and powerful tractor has 50 horsepower and can handle tasks such as mowing forest grass or hoarding weeds. According to Will Nelson, owner of Nelson Tractor Company, you need a tractor with a good high-capacity rotary cutter and a hoarder for initial and ongoing removal of small young trees and weeds from your land. For trails and gardening tasks, a small four-wheel-drive tractor equipped with a loader and a razor blade will do the trick. Felling your own land can save money and provide an excellent source to build wood and firewood, which can also generate additional income.

Small tractors with hydrostatic transmission are ideal for smaller areas such as food plots, as they are easier to maneuver between weeds and low branches of hanging trees, more comfortable to transport and store. Skid steers are incredibly versatile machines and are the best tractors for clearing land. They have a 2-ton winch and wood chipper that make them even more useful when cleaning up land. When it comes to choosing the right tractor for a small farm or hobby farm, there are different scenarios and obstacles that need to be addressed. Compact tractors can be used for other tasks such as digging holes and trenches, as well as clearing land. TractorByNet members have cleaned thousands of fields and plots of land, so they have plenty of experience about what works best when it comes to clearing land.

In the case of a small tractor, bunches must be oriented to facilitate access to the trail and must be the right size to drag them along a path. Buying tractors is a relatively low capital investment compared to the increase in the value of felled land or the cost of hiring a contractor to do the work. Any tractor will be able to perform some amount of cleaning work, but skid steers are the best option for clearing land.

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